About Betting Basics and Football Betting Tips

Basic Football Betting Tips

If you’re a seasoned football punter who has been making consistent profits from his betting endeavours, you’d be better off going through our advanced football betting tips instead. Nevertheless, a glance through this page may still work as a good refresher for you!

Basic football betting tips
So you call yourself a football punter?! Or are starting out with gambling on football games? Actually, if you’re going through this write-up, it’s highly likely that you’re already placing bets on football games. How did it go for you the last season? Whom did you pick to win the Champions League? Were you able to correctly predict the FA Cup winners in the beginning stages of the season? Which team did you pick to win the English Premier League?
The point is – Despite making all great predictions, you may still have ended up on the losing side at the end of the season.
How do you think that happened?
In most cases, it happens because people place bets despite being completely oblivious of the prevailing situations or the exact possibilities they’re betting on. Let’s go over some football betting tips that can help you move from being merely a good predictor to becoming a good gambler.

Football betting tip number 1 – Never ever bet an amount that you can’t afford to lose
By far the simplest rule to understand in football betting, it is also the hardest rule to implement for a large majority of punters. Ask any football bettor who has witnessed a winning or losing streak, how he fell into that deadly trap and gambled away all his winnings.
Don’t ever do that!
It’s pretty easy to fall into such a trap while you’re winning. You think that placing bigger stakes isn’t going to hurt! After all, you won the money from the bookies only! On the other hand, if you’re on a losing streak, you may feel that betting a little more on a certain possibility can make you win back all your losses. Don’t ever do that!
There’s something called a gambler’s curse! Regardless of whether you lose or win a particular bet, there is all the likelihood of ending up in the negative in the long term if you don’t stop at the right time. Increasing your stakes when you’re on a winning streak is the sure shot way of handing over every penny you had won, back to the bookies. And a lot quicker than you may have anticipated! Don’t ever do that!
The best way to enjoy maximum when you’re placing bets is by working out the maximum amount you can afford to lose, right at the beginning. Betting big at a time when you’re losing money is a sure shot way of even losing your Dining & Lodging money for that week! Don’t ever do that!
Always think how you’d feel if you lose everything you’ve got before actually going ahead and placing any bets. If the thought makes you feel uncomfortable in your stomach, don’t do it!

Football betting tip number 2 – Never act too smart!
It’d be foolish of you to blindly follow a friend who tells you that the only way to get the better of the bookies is by picking your winners through a ‘Dundee Shuffle’! Never blindly follow such friends.
Never ever think of investing into a Dundee Shuffle, unless you’re comprehensively aware of its workings. For the uninitiated, Dundee Shuffle is actually a type of bet. Indulging in such bets without having any idea about them will only end up causing you a lot of disappointment. These complicated multiple bets are basically a means adopted by bookies to make quick cash from punters.
Remember the old Chinese proverb – ‘A 1000 miles journey starts with a single step’. Keep this proverb in mind when you place a football bet for the first time. Start small. It’s ok even if you make a small profit. It’s at least better than incurring huge losses!

- Learn the right method of placing a bet
- Learn the workings behind the odds
- Learn the intricacies of picking winners
- Learn how to enjoy the feeling of getting that payout in your hand!

A quick, inexpensive and easy method of learning sports betting without making big mistakes is by reading as much as you can on the subject of betting. There is no end to learning when it comes to sports betting. Browse through Amazon.co.uk or your local library and find out about the best books on the subject. Always remember that a smart bettor always does his homework well! The question is – Are you that smart bettor or not?!

Football betting tip number 3 - Bet only when you know what you’re doing
Predicting the correct winner of a football match, without complicating things, in itself is a very difficult task. It can get even more difficult if you have no idea about the league and/or the teams. Although it may seem tempting, you must strictly avoid placing large bets on obscure matches happening in some other part of the world, just because you’ve read some article about the event on the internet. It doesn’t work that way!
Why? Because there are multiple factors at play. There are people involved, for instance the managers, the referees, the players etc. in fact, there are over 30 variables, including the substitutes. And we aren’t even talking about the long-term injuries, transfers, disciplinary procedures, international call ups, financial implications, which conditions, legal procedures etc. yet.
All exotic games seem pretty exciting, until you incur losses on them. And there’s a high likelihood that you may end up feeling stupid when you find out later, post the match, that the star forward or the brilliant goalkeeper was actually rested because of an injury. Bookmakers were always aware of this, and that’s why they were pushing those bets.
A good number of people we know make plenty of money betting on the Italian Serie A and English Premier League because they see the extended coverage of all the games. They do their homework well.
So, the crux of the matter is that you should research all your favourite teams, in order to get a good understanding of your bets.

Football betting tip number 4 – Stay on guard about the so-called ‘insider tips’
Carry out some off-line and online research and you’ll come across a whole lot of people willfully coming forth to hand you advice, which according to them can make you plenty of fortune. They do it via independent websites, forums, information products etc. and claim to have that magical formula devised by some so-called betting experts. They’ll ask you a certain sum of money in return for such information.
Our advice is that you should never pay for such advice!
If anyone is making money by giving such advice, then he should be in a position to dispense it for free! Read informative websites and ask plenty of questions on forums. But always keep in mind that there’s never 100% certainty about any advice. Whatever you do, never follow any advice blindly. Trust your gut feeling instead!

Football betting tip number 5 – There’s a reason why longshots pay well
A 60/1 shot is considered a long shot for a particular reason. If a bookmaker is ready to hand you £ 60 for every £ 1 you bet, then it’s almost certain that the particular player, football team or horse is not going to win. However, that doesn’t mean that such 60/1 shots never work. It’s just that they don’t win that frequently.
Please keep in mind that bookies take a 5% - 10% margin from every transaction, and it is only profitable for them when the odds are high. After all, they get more juice from higher odds. There’s a reason why bookies are rich people!

Football betting tip number 6 – Enjoy betting!
Betting is all about fun and you must never forget that when picking your favourite team/player. You’re less likely to gain anything from the experience if you start taking your betting endeavours seriously.
It’s all about having lots of fun and enjoying the ride as you cheer your favourite team! Don’t refrain from boasting if your team actually goes on to win the match/game!

Final Thoughts
Even seasoned football punters often require fresh strategies for registering more profits, or for at least limiting their losses. You can use these basic football betting tips to ensure that things don’t go out of hand every now and then. However, please be careful while implementing these tips and never bet an amount that’s more than you can actually afford to lose. Bookmakers normally have an edge when it comes to prices, so you must be very good at what you do to book profits on a regular basis.